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My Top 5 Things to Consider in Transformational Change

Now that the New Year has kicked off beautifully, with economic factors looking up and the recession’s business challenges beginning to erode, what’s on the stage for this evolving economy, this changing world?

Are you ready for it?

Here are my TOP 5 things to consider when managing change.  After all, you know there will be change, but will it be ‘change for change sake’ – or transformational change, which is change for YOUR sake?

  1. Perform a Leadership Check – How are your leaders positioned for change? You should assess their change readiness, skills and drive for making change happen


  1. Be Proactive vs. Reactive – Have you researched your market and events well enough? What have you anticipated to happen and how will you plan for it, rather than react to it?


  1. Assess Company Readiness – What’s your company’s culture and attitude towards change? Is it equipped with capability, resources and human capital to handle what you anticipate?


  1. Design Good Metrics – Are you measuring the growth and effectiveness of your plan? What metrics and accountability standards do you have in place to stay on track?


  1. Perform a Client Perspective Check – Did you consider customer/clients change issues and build them into your plan? Surveys, communication plans, client relations should all have the element of change plugged in.

If your business isn’t dynamic and responsive, you will miss out on opportunities that come from change. The key is to put into place these new practices NOW to respond to the changing canvas of your market, your people and you.

Question: Tell me some ideas on you make change work for you – change YOU are ahead of and where YOU can create the right change – Transformational Change.


Also, checking up on your personal ability to manage change is a good thing to do while you are tending to your business. Read my paper on “Transitions” to get you started on your personal transformational change.

Finally, here are a few articles by my favorite bloggers on the topic:

Seth Godin

Sam Stroup

I am wishing you a proactive, productive and healthy year ahead.

Question: How have you assessed your readiness to make change work for you – change YOU are ahead of and where YOU can create the right change?  Transformational Change.

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